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Developing a safe working environment 

In a safe working environment, attention and care is paid to the physical and mental condition of the working person. Despite production pressure, tight staffing, time pressure and deadlines, how do you ensure that everyone remains motivated, healthy and vital? This is largely determined by how people interact with each other. The question of how you treat each other affects the corporate culture. And to make interactions safe and work processes efficient, you need urgency, ambition, patience and sometimes some help.


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What is your question? 

Creating a safe working environment often raises a lot of questions. 

Where do you start? Who do you start with? But the most important question is: Why start in the first place? 

Dealing with things like major accidents, unfavourable results from an employee satisfaction survey, or reputational damage calls for a well-thought-out approach in the form of an ongoing process

If your trigger for creating a safe working environment is less explosive or fraught, you may only need a simple boost in the form of workshops or skills-training programmes for your team or managers. 

Whichever approach you take, it is important to have a good understanding in advance of why you need to get moving. With our Development Scan we help you answer that question first. 


With our practical approach, which includes a lot of theatrical elements, De Federatie has built up a tradition in delivering skills-training programmes. Some of our earlier training sessions were highly effective, others less so. Our experience has taught us that what really makes the difference is the extent to which a particular topic becomes truly woven into an organisation as an identity. 


Skills-training programmes aimed at leadership or helping employees address each other in terms of their behaviour will only make sense if the issues to be managed or addressed already form an integral part of the company culture. If that is not yet the case, the participants will have the skill but also the frustration of not being able to make a connection between what they learned during the training session and what they experience during their next day of work. 

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With that insight as our point of departure, we have created our Development Scan, which enables us to start by testing each question with the organisation in terms of identity before moving on to development and then anchoring the developments. 

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Sometimes all your team or organisation needs is a boost. Would your people like to practise their behavioural and conversation skills together with a training actor, for example? Or do they need an active and inspiring workshop that will help employees step out of their daily routine and re-energise them? Our trainers and training actors can help you with this and encourage your organisation – as we like to say at de Federatie – not to think differently, but to act differently... 


See some examples of our work 

Safety programme

“Putting safety first starts with MT ownership” 

How do you create a joint security policy in an organisation made up of merged companies and thus merged cultures? In 2020, the Van Nieuwpoort Group decided to explore how safety could become more firmly embedded in their corporate culture. Based on the company’s ambition to climb a rung higher on the safety ladder, the focus was on attitudes and behaviour. A steering committee took the lead in this task and asked De Federatie to support them in that. Once the committee had been convinced that developing the whole workforce necessarily depends on the MT’s assuming ownership of the safety culture, we started together from the beginning.  


Leadership programme

“Effective conversations: From energy guzzlers to energy boosters” 

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Safety Authority (NVWA) asked us to develop and give a training course on the theme of effective conversations as part of its programme on showing leadership and receiving leadership. This workshop, consisting of three modules, focused on managers within the NVWA.  

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Onze partners

Organisations we have already helped

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For many years now, we have been working with De Federatie on the Behavioural and Cultural Components of Safety at Tata Steel in IJmuiden. De Federatie’s hands-on approach, from the boardroom to the factory floor, is very much appreciated on all levels of the organisation. Thanks to their refreshing and constantly developing approach – solidly based on their insight into our organisation – I sometimes even have the feeling I’m being guided by an invisible hand. First class!

- Hans van den Berg

Hub Director Tata Steel Strip Products Mainland Europe

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We’ve been working happily together with De Federatie for years within the Boskalis Behavioural Safety Programma NINA. The collaboration is a good match with the culture of our organisation. The trainers are “masters” at creating an open dialogue and know exactly how to reach the various target groups and appeal to the different learning styles within our organisation. They contribute significantly towards raising the awareness of safety on our ships and in our projects.

- Annette Panajoti


NINA Programma Manager bij Boskalis


Safety leadership and the confidence to address each other in the event of unsafe behaviour are important priorities in the development of safety at Forbo Flooring B.V. De Federatie helps us with these aspects on the various levels within our organisation. The workshops are fully customised beforehand, which makes them company-specific, well suited to the target group and interactive. De Federatie works with actors, so its trainers know how to broach the topic of ingrained behaviours in a fun and effective way, making it easier for everyone to talk about them. For us, this is a refreshing approach to training.

- Laura Hellendoorn


Manager Health Safety and Environment bij Forbo Flooring

GMB logo [RGB].png

Leadership in Safety. The training starts with an ingeniously conceived scenario about the issues at play within GMB, and the ice is broken. A variety of models are then presented, but most of all there’s lots of practical exercises. People begin to understand each other better and better. There are enjoyable, active components that turn out to be very educational and provide each person with clarity about his or her own behaviour. It concludes with a sense of connection and clarity about what to do next. It’s wonderful to be guided in this way…

- Gerrit-Jan van de Pol

 General Director, GMB


For over five years, Alliander has been working with De Federatie on the continual improvement of professional and personal communication and on the development of leadership and of attitudes and behaviour with respect to safety. De Federatie’s engagement with our company has enabled us to switch gears more and more quickly. Their listening ear ensures that we are understood. Thanks to their attention to detail, their training programmes match perfectly with what we need. I hope we will be able to carry out many more fantastic projects together with De Federatie.

- Ruben Sluiter


Learning & Development Consultant, Alliander

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Located on the River ’t IJ

We are located right on the IJ River, in the creative centre of Amsterdam Noord. Our hall and studio can also be rented as spaces for workshops and meetings. The hall is large enough for groups of up to 15 people. 

If you wish, we can also provide coffee, tea and lunch.

The price includes the use of a smart board and flip charts. 

For additional information, please contact Hanneke or Dennis at or call (020) 693–4385. 

Locatie aan 't IJ

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