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ACT at work

Workshop with Ilonka Terlouw & Charly du Bois

What is that?

ACT at Work

As an organization you formulate values. As an individual you have to relate to this. That is not always easy. Living by values, whether they are your own or formulated by the boss, requires “Action”.

This often brings bumps and obstacles in the form of resistance, uncertainties and doubts. This will be recognizable for the boss and certainly recognizable for the employee. In this workshop: ACT at Work we introduce your team to the ACT processes in a practical way, not as a form of therapy, but as a beautiful idea to get groups and individuals moving towards desired values.

Acceptance & Commitment Training, ACT is a form of third generation behavioral therapy that helps to deal with these bumps and obstacles in a constructive way. Acceptance and learning Accepting difficult thoughts and feelings is central. In addition, we look at how you can live and work in a value-driven way, as an alternative to control-driven: Commitment.

With practical exercises you will learn that negative thoughts and worrying feelings do not have to get in the way if you want to achieve goals together. You will experience how flexible and resilient you actually are, as an individual and as a team. Through education about the brain you will understand how resistance works and what you can do with it. Discomfort is part of life, especially in times of change! You'll learn how to stop fighting and start building!


The workshop is interactive, alternating theory and exercises. During the preparation, the theme's to be worked on is coordinated with the client.



  • What are the obstacles?

  • Values. What is important?

  • Explanation of values ​​as a compass, researching values ​​and working towards those values. Acceptance.

  • How do you accept what you cannot change?

  • Education about the imperfect brain, why do we still fight and flee through modern life?

  • If desired: Action plan for the team.

For whom is this workshop intended?

The workshop is for teams and individuals who want to deal resiliently with change processes.

Which benefits will this workshop deliver?

Afterwards, the participants will have: ·

  • Insight into their own behavior in response to changes.

  • Tools to deal with difficult situations.

  • Insight into their values ​​and know how they can live by them.

Length and number of participants

3 hours

Max. 12 participants


The workshop is preferably on location. Charly and Ilonka are happy to come to you. If desired, you are also welcome to book the De Federation location for the workshop


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Ilonka Terlouw has years of experience as a trainer. She is also an ACT therapist. “We all have to deal with a tricky brain, whether we act in the role of employee, parent, spouse, or neighbor. Ilonka provides insight and teaches you to deal with this. It won't be vague with Ilonka for the group, practical practice and experience, scientific insight and humor ensure an educational, exciting workshop!

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Charly du Bois has been working with ACT as a psychologist in various settings since 2015. In recent years she has combined ACT, theater and systemic thinking in training courses where discovery, discussion, learning and experience are central. “I love that in both the profession of actor and psychologist it is important to learn to make contact with yourself and others, to be in the moment and to dare to touch yourself and others. Then the most beautiful things arise; understanding, openness, connection and fun.” 

Are you interested in booking this workshop for your organisation or team? 
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