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Get a grip on your imposter

Workshop with Stefanie van Leersum

What is that?

People who suffer from imposter syndrome fear they will eventually be unmasked. They underestimate their own achievements and have thoughts like: “When will everyone discover that I can't actually do anything at all?” Those thoughts are often accompanied by feelings of anxiety, worry, doubt and negative self-talk.


Research shows that 70% of people seem to suffer from this at some point, but rarely ever talk about it. It’s not something we normally want to discuss, of course, and especially not in a professional setting. This workshop provides an opportunity to do just that! After all, that feeling can definitely form an obstacle, and the good news is that there is quite a lot that you can do about it.

Imposter syndrome takes place in your head. It’s part of your thoughts and the frames you believe in. It’s the internal dialogue you have with yourself.


In this workshop, you will learn to get a better grip on your imposter and your thought patterns, and you will experiment with different ways of dealing with them.


  • We will talk about the theory: the five types of imposters, the triggers and the different ways your imposter can manifest itself. 

  • You will be checking in with yourself to see how your particular imposter manifests itself and where it comes from. 

  • As it is an experiential workshop, we will also be doing exercises (both individually and as a group) to get in touch with our thoughts in playful ways. 

  • We will provide tools to help you get a grip on your negative thought spiral.

For whom is this workshop intended?

For anyone who wants to get a better grip on their imposter and the thought processes in their head. 

Which benefits will this workshop deliver?

  • You will learn to better understand your imposter and how to deal with it. You will get tools that you can apply to influence your imposter in a positive way and therefore be more confident in life. 

Length and number of participants

1.5 hours

Max. 12 participants


The workshop is available both online and live (depending on number of participants). 



Stefanie van Leersum


Stefanie graduated from the Theatre Academy Maastricht in 2012 and has been working as an actress in the theatre and film industry for the last decade. Since 2021, she has also been working as a training actress and trainer. Imposter syndrome is no stranger to her, which is why she developed this workshop herself.

Are you interested in booking this workshop for your organisation or team? 
Contact Hanneke or Esther at
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