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Image by Riho Kroll

“Improvisation can be learned” 

Workshop with Ger Casparie

What is that?

Improviseren als een bewuste keuze, het is te leren.

Onzekere tijden, onvoorziene omstandigheden, scenario’s die niet meer kloppen, collega’s en klanten die niet meer reageren zoals je zou verwachten.

Dit is het moment waarop je je improvisatietalent hard nodig hebt. Als je goed kunt improviseren, vergroot je je comfortzone, kun je sneller en flexibeler inspelen op je omgeving, verbeteren je communicatievaardigheden, wordt je werk leuker en versterk je het vertrouwen in jezelf. Het leuke is: je kunt het leren.

What is that?

Improvising as a conscious choice is something you can learn to do. 

Uncertain times, unforeseen circumstances, scenarios that no longer make sense, colleagues and customers who no longer respond as you would expect. 

These days, improvisation skills are vital. If you are good at improvising, you are able to expand your comfort zone and respond to your environment more quickly and more flexibly. You notice that you have better communication skills, your work becomes more enjoyable and you feel more self-confident. Fortunately, you can learn how to improvise. 


During this workshop, we will play games using these five basic principles: 

- Say “yes, and…” instead of “yes, but...” – accept the offer and add to it. 
- Don’t plan, but rather learn to see what is happening in the here and now and react to that.  
- Seek danger zones, dare to make mistakes, to fail... 
- Let the other person shine, make life enjoyable for each other... 
- Use the power of humour, put things in perspective...  

As a trainer, Ger ensures that each part of the workshop matches the learning needs of the specific participants. This trains your ability to improvise, act with agility, defer judgement and build on each other’s ideas.  

For whom is this workshop intended? 

The experiences during this workshop are so clear that you will be able to apply the new insights yourself immediately afterwards. Read what a participant had to say: 

“Today I learned how valuable the power of improvisation can be for me. When you improvise, you are willing to lose control, not to plan, but to let everything come to you; not to look at yourself but rather at the other person. You avoid overworking due to thinking that you are not doing well enough or that you could fail, because you simply trust yourself in the here and now. It’s not for nothing that you are in the here and now, so you can and should trust your intuition.” 

Ger, the trainer, says: "I have confidence that you can do it, even if you’ve never done it before. I invite you to experiment and try out different scenarios. In doing so, I take trust and safety very seriously.”


1 dagdeel (4 uur)

Max. 10 deelnemers


This workshop can be held online or on-site. Ger would be happy to come to your location. Alternatively, you can book the hall at the De Federatie’s headquarters as a training space for the workshop. 


Ger Casparie


Are you interested in booking this workshop for your organisation or team?

Contact Hanneke or Esther at

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