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Workshop with Kamille Kres & Angelique Dorrestijn

What is that?

A training course that will resharpen your team and give them an enjoyable boost! 

In Team Boost, we will engage with them in appreciative enquiry!

Did you know that the kinds of questions you ask largely determine the answers you will find? What happens if you ask about the positive attributes of the team? You will get answers such as energy, pride and connection. But what if you ask about all the things that go wrong? In that case you will often reap a defensive, every-man-for-himself mentality. In other words, whatever you give attention to will grow. 


During a Team Boost, we celebrate everything there is by means of our interactive team quiz. All the talents, the knowledge and the skills that are present in the team. All their dreams and goals and beautiful results. All the things that have gone unsaid for far too long, the differences of opinion, and the things that have gone wrong, because look at how much we learned from those. And thanks to all that celebration, exploration and appreciation, the team will naturally once again experience connection, energy and fun. 

Does that mean we will only be celebrating things? 

No, we will also be providing you with useful new input. For example, the trainers/actors will play a number of short “what do we think about this?” scenes revolving around the themes of team dynamics and motivation. And we will get physically active (by means of a “team work-out”), because more than anything else, teamwork is about doing things together. You will also get a course in “how to avoid the mud”, because spinning out of control and landing in the mud is occasionally part of life, which means it can also happen at work. We will conclude the afternoon by taking a look at the day’s take-aways: what do you want to build on as a team going forward? 

Who is this workshop for? 

  • It is for teams who value effective collaboration and who depend – at least in part – on good teamwork for their results. 

  • It is for team members who have somehow lost sight of each other’s qualities, knowledge and skills, resulting in team potential not being put to use. 

  • It is for teams who are in danger of losing sight of each other as a result of the various Covid-19 measures, and who currently lack connection, energy and inspiration. 


“By exploring together in a fun and interactive way we were naturally able to create connection and energy again – how cool is that?” 

Which benefits will this workshop deliver? 

  • Energy & motivation 

  • Connection & inspiration 

  • Creative work forms that will help you focus 

  • Insights into the power of collaborative, inquiry-based learning 

  • Concrete tips for new and alternative ways of doing things 

  • Real conversations with each other in a safe environment 

  • Focus on 1+1=3: using differences as strengths 




De workshop is zowel online als live (afhankelijk van aantal deelnemers) mogelijk. Kamille en Angelique komen graag bij u op locatie, indien gewenst kunt u ook de zaal van De Federatie boeken voor de workshop. 


For over 20 years, Kamille Kres has worked as a programme maker, communications trainer, chairperson/discussion leader, coach and actor. More recently, she has added the role of speaker (positive psychology / appreciative inquiry) to her list. She enjoys using theatre and music within the change processes, workshops, meetings and training programmes that she designs and supervises. Kamille works with clients to discover their actual needs. What would they like to do without and, more importantly, which direction would they like to go? What do they want more of, where does their energy lie, where is their dream, their real ambition? For Kamille, it is always very important to make concepts tangible. It’s not just about talking. Rather, it’s about doing and experiencing a lot. 


Drawing on her background in theatre, as an actor and as a trainer, Angelique Dorrestijn has been coaching, giving workshops, creating theatrical events and acting in training films in an interactive and creative capacity for over 15 years. Her clients are teams and organisations that are looking to improve their communication skills. They want to know how to convey, most effectively, the message they want to get across. She also creates high-energy workshops for teams who want to forge a deeper connection through play and humour. Key words for her workshops are: practical, targeted, interactive and directly applicable for sustainable results. Learning by doing! 


Are you interested in booking this workshop for your organisation or team?

Contact Hanneke or Esther at

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