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(Un)ease of the new,
hybrid normality 

Workshop with André Witbreuk & Bram Roggeveen

What is that? 

We are all going back to work, back to the workplace, more and more. But just as in the early days of the Corona pandemic, the return to the workplace is creating new dilemmas, questions and opportunities. How do we get used to physically working together again? What does the ideal mix of pre-Corona and post-Corona look like? In other words, how do we translate the lessons learned during the pandemic into a new, “hybrid” normality?   

The current period is about getting closer together again in an effective and pleasant way. Like Goudvisie, we are also fans of experiential learning and playful development. There’s no reason learning can’t be fun! We have developed an (inter)active programme in which you can work on the above questions.  


We will spend half a day getting you to reflect effectively, to think in concrete terms, to be aware of certain behaviours and to make new agreements about those.  

  • Actors will act out scenes to get you to reflect and agree on very specific behaviours. 

  • Using games or game-like elements, we will make it fun and shed light on natural behaviour.  

  • Making use of the concept of “competing commitments”, we examine the motives behind your actions and what makes it difficult to show (new) behaviour. 

  • We will get you to think about what kind of group you are now and what kind you want to be. And how to translate that to your current way of working together.  

Topics to be covered include: 

  • Ensuring a good work-life balance  

  • Having an eye for each other’s mental well-being  

  • Being more hygienic in your use of the working environment  

  • Working more effectively in open-plan office spaces  

  • Holding efficient meetings (including via digital platforms)  

  • Keeping track of which team topics have received too little attention 

  • Using a better customer approach  

  • Refreshing core values and team agreements  

  • Fostering better working relationships  

  • Managing the workload more effectively  

Which benefits will this workshop deliver? 

  • Effective and concrete conversations about how you want to work together  

  • Insight into the lessons learned from the past year and a translation of those lessons into what you want to do differently and how to do that  

  • A meaningful day, but above all also a fun day.  


4 hours


This workshop can be held online or on-site. Bram and André would be happy to come to your location. Alternatively, you can book the hall at the De Federatie’s headquarters as a training space for the workshop. 


Bram Roggeveen (Goudvisie) & André Witbreuk (De Federatie)


Are you interested in booking this workshop for your organisation or team?

Contact Hanneke or Esther at

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