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Close-up on Connecting Leadership 

Workshop with Saskia Rinsma & Johan Timmers

What is that?

For organisations where groups are at risk of forming islands, we now have a training course for leaders who want to build bridges. The challenge for a manager: making sure your team actually does move together towards an end goal. Where striving together to achieve a viable vision is the end result. But how can a team deliver a collective end result if it is slowly falling apart? If people continue to think primarily from the perspective of their own set of tasks, getting annoyed at each other and being less apt to build on the results of each other’s work? What if they fail to meet their deadlines and increasingly lose their focus on what the final result should look like? How do you deal with that as a manager? By making use of insights from film-making, you can remain the director of the end result.  


In the world of film, it’s all about creating that one shot where everything is right. Everyone on the set, sometimes even up to 80 different individuals – from stylists to lighting technicians to actors – has to interact in perfect coordination with each other. Otherwise, the end result won’t be what you had envisioned. Film director Johan Timmers and trainer & actress Saskia Rinsma believe that you can only achieve that end result if you involve the three key ingredients: vision, synergy and focus. You need a vision whereby everyone understands and gets excited about the common goal. And synergy whereby everyone appreciates each other’s potential, so that together they form a whole. It is up to the manager to create that basis: Connecting Leadership.   


This programme approaches leadership from the perspective of a film director. Johan Timmers has directed numerous Dutch films and series, including Vreemd Bloed [The Odd One Out], Vechtmeisje [Fight Girl] and Wonderbroeders [Wonderbrothers]. Using film clips, Johan shares his experiences and mirrors them, together with Saskia, to the challenges you face as a manager. What does Connecting Leadership mean for your role as a leader? And most importantly: How can you apply this in your day-to-day practice? For example, how can you communicate a vision and find the team synergy while also being directive? With Saskia, you will work on that using a variety of techniques!  


The programme is divided up into three blocks: preparation, execution and finishing. In the language of film, these correspond to: preproduction, production and postproduction. Each of these components is combined with appropriate film clips.   

For whom is this workshop intended? 

For managers who want to invest in clarifying the focus and fostering unity and connection within their team in order to encourage the best possible collective end result. And who also want to explore and enhance this through the lens of a very different field of work.   

Which benefits will this workshop deliver? 

The workshop will help you as a manager become more aware of: 

  • Conflict management: Choosing the right means of influence at crucial moments.  

  • Power posing: Displaying natural authority at crucial moments.   

  • Leading by example: Creating a safe culture that revolves around openness and transparency in communication and where both giving and receiving feedback are experienced in a positive way.  

  • Confidence: Showing confidence and supporting teamwork by preparing things effectively and letting go at the right moment.  

  • Flexibility: Being able to respond with agility as a leader in periods when adaptation and change are necessary.  

  • Responsibility: Taking responsibility and showing leadership when “lonely decisions” have to be made.  


7 hour


Johan and Saskia would be happy to come to your location. Alternatively, you can book the hall at the De Federatie’s headquarters as a training space for the workshop.  


Johan Timmers is a film director, known among other things for his feature films Vechtmeisje [Fight Girl] (Winner of the European Film Academy Award for the Best European Youth Film of 2019), Vreemd bloed [The Odd One Out], and Wonderbroeders [Wonderbrothers] as well as for Dutch TV series such as Klein Holland [Narrow Holland], Volgens Jacqueline [Jacqueline’s side of the story], and most recently Hoe mijn keurige ouders in de bak belandden [How my bourgeois parents ended up in the slammer].  


After having completed her course of study at the theatre school in Amsterdam, Saskia Rinsma dived into the professional theatre circuit, making theatre for 25 years with Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Carver, Theater van het Oosten, Amsterdamse Bos, Nationale Toneel, and Bos Theaterproducties and further developing her acting skills in various film and television roles. Over time, she became curious about other fields of work and developed herself from training actor to trainer for companies such as Boskalis, GMB, Heijmans, RSM, Ormit and Rabobank, as well as various Dutch government ministries. She has also played in a number of different serious games. Her collaboration with Johan in this workshop brings together her theatre background and her work as a trainer.   


Are you interested in booking this workshop for your organisation or team?

Contact Hanneke or Esther at

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