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Job satisfaction

Workshop with Angelique Dorrestijn

What is that? 

Do you want to learn how to create more fun in the workplace, so that teams work better together and connect more with each other? And do you want to learn how to laugh more in the workplace, which ensures stress release and a positive mindset? Then read on.

In addition to laughing a lot and doing fun energetic exercises in this workshop, we train the brain to think more creatively. You will learn what types of humor there are, which ones you may already use and how you can use this quality even more. Learn to think differently and receive concrete tips to create (even) more fun in the workplace.


We start with a fun introductory exercise to get to know each other better in a different way. We then discuss what laughter does for your health and how humor is essential for this. Together we will learn to think in a humorous way and finally do short exercises that you can use yourself with your team, with the aim of creating more lightness and more fun in the workplace. And of course we conclude with a laugh and afterwards all participants receive a handout by email with all the information covered in the workshop.

For whom is this workshop intended? 

For everyone who wants more fun at work, wants to explore their humorous side a little more and for teams who want to connect more, laugh and work better together.

Which benefits will this workshop deliver? 

You will learn to gain more insight into the importance of good cooperation, creativity and humor, which results in more job satisfaction.

Because fun creates more resilience and an increase in productivity.

At the end of this workshop you will have received enough directly applicable tools to develop fun more consciously in the workplace to strengthen team spirit.


1,5 hours

Maximum of 20 participants


This workshop can be held online or on-site. Angelique would be happy to come to your location. Alternatively, you can book the hall at the De Federatie’s headquarters as a training space for the workshop. 


Angelique Dorrestijn

Drawing on her background in theatre, as an actor and as a trainer, Angelique Dorrestijn has been coaching, giving workshops, creating theatrical events and acting in training films in an interactive and creative capacity for over 15 years. Her clients are teams and organisations that are looking to improve their communication skills. They want to know how to convey, most effectively, the message they want to get across. She also creates high-energy workshops for teams who want to forge a deeper connection through play and humour. Key words for her workshops are: practical, targeted, interactive and directly applicable for sustainable results. Learning by doing! 


Are you interested in booking this workshop for your organisation or team?

Contact Hanneke or Esther at

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