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How do I train my
tolerance muscle? 

Workshop with Daphne van Roon

What is that? 

Do you long for less insecurity, more confidence and more peace of mind? Then this workshop is definitely not for you! 


What you will learn in this workshop is how to cope with uncertainty and other discomforts, with flexibility and resilience.  Daphne approaches change from the perspective that uncomfortable feelings are an integral part of life. If you want to make your own choices you will have to deal with everything that you simply need to accept as a fact. Willingness and courage are key, so you will be able to use your energy for sensible things and take control of things, step by step. 

During the workshop, you will gain insight into your coping strategies when dealing with difficult situations at work: for example a particular colleague who gets under your skin, a client that you feel very insecure about, or your own perfectionism that you keep running into. You will learn how to take better care of yourself and discover the benefits of learning to look the monster fearlessly in the mouth.


The workshop is interactive, alternating theory and exercises. Each participant will work with a case from their own practice. 



  • What is a tolerance muscle?! 

  • Coping strategies, what are those? 

  • What is the impact of micro-breaks (mini pit stops)? 

  • What is peer pressure and (social) safety? 

  • How can you increase your resilience? 

For whom is this workshop intended? 

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn to be resilient in dealing with uncertainty and uncomfortable situations. ​

Which benefits will this workshop deliver? 

After the training, participants will have gained: 

  • insight into their own behaviour regarding difficult situations at work 

  • tools to help them deal with difficult situations. 


3 hours


This workshop can be held online or on-site. Daphne would be happy to come to your location. Alternatively, you can book the hall at the De Federatie’s headquarters as a training space for the workshop.  


Daphne van Roon has been a trainer, (team) coach and consultant for decades. She contributes to keeping people healthy and inspired in their work. She guides teams and individuals towards a new path, where both performance and job satisfaction are important. Her clients are organisations in healthcare, business and government. She is an expert by experience when it comes to uncertainty, tension and other uncomfortable situations. Have a look at Daphne’s book (in Dutch) below: “Hoe train ik mijn verdraagspier?” [How do I train my tolerance muscle?] 

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Are you interested in booking this workshop for your organisation or team?

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