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As a manager, you’re apt to be caught in the crossfire between your own manager’s plans and aspirations and your employees, whom you need to do the work.

You may have developed significant expertise from having worked in the business, yet still not have had sufficient practice in using your leadership skills.

Naturally you will also insert something of your own character into your role as a manager. Are you someone who likes to push ahead? Or do you prefer to create the conditions that others will need to move ahead? Or are you more of a team player who strives to keep everyone pointed in the same direction?

De Federatie crunches all the theories about leadership for you, translating them into effective and practical actions. Our leadership scan gives you insight into your strengths.

Using the scan as a starting point, we help you practise reinforcing and broadening your leadership skills and learn how to fulfil your role as a leader appropriately and successfully. 

Our vision of leadership

As we see it, leadership is what people experience of a person’s leadership. It’s not a matter of having good intentions or a broad theoretical knowledge, nor is it about leadership for leadership’s sake. Instead, it’s about how you and those around you experience your leadership. How effective is your leadership approach and style? What are the results of your efforts? Do they sap your energy or do they give energy to you and those around you? We offer you room to investigate, we give you insights and provide you with tools to make your leadership more result-oriented in terms of both the content and the relationship with your employees. Your quest begins with getting to know yourself better: the self-assessment. How do you score in leadership skills such as discussing things, making agreements, addressing people with regard to their attitudes and behaviour, reflecting, confronting and presenting?


If you would like to get a sense of your current leadership competencies, send a mail to to request a link to the Federatie Leadership Scan.

Our experience: André Witbreuk

Inspired? Are you curious about what we can do with you and/or your people?

Contact André to find out more. This way we can move together from proposal to practice!

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