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How we view safety


Preventing accidents and ensuring the well-being of employees. These are the two most important goals of the safety programmes that we facilitate. Hearts and minds.

In some cases, a one-off trigger will be enough to revive a person’s attention to safety. That could be in the form of a workshop or a Safety Day that we organise.

In other cases, such a reminder will not be enough, as other stimuli or old patterns, such as putting pressure on production, tend to dominate the day-to-day practice.

In such cases, we help by looking at the company culture and posing the question: How safe is our way of working here and how does each person contribute towards that safety? In doing so, we make use of the Federatie Safety Scan.

Our approach focuses on strengthening a credible safety culture in which not only the way employees think, but especially also the way they act, contribute towards achieving the overall goal: Healthy to work, healthy back home.

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Intrinsic motivation is key. This goes further than “Healthy to work, healthy back home” but above all it concerns the efforts to be made by each person on every level, from the CEO down.

As attitudes and behaviour are influenced by technology and rules, the former are impossible to develop independently from the latter. We analyse the extent to which an organisation’s safety culture suffers from bartering: “I will only change (my own behaviour)…once you have…(technology and rules).”

Brain: How do our brains work in relation to safety and what do we all need to keep in mind in the face of sources of influence from outside?


Social safety: Does the organisation have an open and inclusive culture or is it a corporate jungle?


Just culture: Is it a learning organisation or a punitive one? 

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“They need to address each other on the factory floor, since that’s where the real risks are.”

When it concerns improving the safety culture within an organisation, working on behaviour is often seen as a priority. In that connection, we have given countless workshops aimed at helping co-workers “address each other” in terms of their behaviour. In the process, we realised that behaviour is not isolated from everything else. Indeed, it is influenced by many different factors.

We have incorporated those factors in our Federatie Safety Scan, which offers an overview of the various domains that impact the development of a safety culture. Our approach revolves around developing awareness and expanding skills. That means that we are more likely to opt for experience-based exercises than lengthy explanations. You can learn more about the Safety Scan in the graphic below.

Federatie Safety Scan

Our experience: Frans Cappers

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