Working together with others in an organisation often resembles playing a sport on a professional level. You try to find a balance between performing well and maintaining a healthy pace of work.

If the pressure gets to be too much, it can lead to undue stress, leaving people out of breath. We tend to focus on what needs to get done, having too little attention for each other.

As a consequence, productivity drops and costs related to absenteeism soar.

Putting employees to work at a sustainable pace remains a challenge. What is the best way to do that?

pitstop is a development programme in which we guide teams in finding a healthy work pace: a sustainable collaboration that helps you run as long, rather than as fast, as you want.

On the basis of our initial discussion with you, we map out your situation. What is the challenge and which opportunities can support you in that regard?

Next, we work in a cycle comprising four phases: researching, designing, practising and implementing. Each phase is described in the Pitstop Cycle depicted below.

Inspired? Are you curious about what we can do with you and/or your people?

Contact Daphne or Ilonka to find out more. This way we can move together from proposal to practice!

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