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Verbeteren van veiligheid gaat over cultuurverandering.

De Federatie is specialist om organisaties daarbij te helpen. Met unieke kennis en ervaring inspireren en voeden wij jouw veiligheidsprogramma’s. 

Does teamwork ever cost more energy than it gives?


Do you ever get the feeling, that you're working against each other instead with each other?


Does teamwork ever take more energy than it provides? And do you ever wonder why this seems to keep repeating itself, despite all the agreements and good intentions?

When you start dreading yet another post-it session, yet another change in the organisational model, yet another list of agreements and you start thinking: “Here we go again” – that's when it’s time to call in De Federatie…


The people from De Federatie work with teams and project groups in your organisation to identify the real cause of such energy guzzlers, to start a discussion about those and to bring about a breakthrough in that regard.


In doing so, we use a variety of techniques. Taking advantage of our theatre background, we create a safe context in which people can practise various different (new) behaviours. We believe not in good and bad, but rather in effectiveness. De Federatie ensures lasting collaborative energy.

"Without an agreement, you may not address somebody."

- Kinlaw

1. The basis

The starting point for an energetic collaboration lies in making transparent agreements: What do we want and why do we want that?  This lays the basis for commitment from both sides (the intrinsic motivation to work in compliance with the agreements made).

Kinlaw 1EN.png

Our experience: Jacques Smeekens

Inspired? Are you curious about what we can do with you and/or your people?

Contact Jacques to find out more. This way we can move together from proposal to practice!

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